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Available courses

These are videos and other resources for people who are still deciding about taking courses with UProcess. 

Why, 10MIN Hair Color is a 21st Century Hair Color.

What, 10MIN can do to change your work life. 

How, to Cover Gray, Darken Hair or Lighten Hair 2 levels in 10MIN.

If, you check out 10MIN Dorado you will get your questions answered.

30 Minutes of information can be a game changer!

 Hair Color that perfectly suits your client is the secret to Client Color Satisfaction, rebooking and new client referrals. 

U Create Formulas, Enjoy the challenge of creating the perfect hair color formula for 6 imaginary clients. Test your color formulation skill, challenge our Navigators, show your boss your skill. 

Driven 2 Color Performance 

Your GPS to Color Selection